Friday, October 10, 2008

Aidilfitri 2008

They without me


Yeahh raya sudah.. hmm i felt dat raya in this year not really happening like b4... maybe bcoz most of my cousins did nt come back for raye.. some of them are still studying in london, ireland and texas.. and some of them have to beraya at their husband villages. actually the things that make me felt dt raya 08 is not really happening is bcoz my Tok Nyang had passed awy on d 2nd day of ramadhan... i miss her a lot... im not really sure bout her age... but i think she is 80-95 years old sumthing like dat laa... every year on raya, we will visit her... but now.. nobody at her house alr.. my tok su also move out from the house bcoz she dont want to live alone in the house.. hmm my duit raya also not really enough.. hehehe.. bt its ok laa bcoz raya is not for dpt duit raye je.. but for us to visit our relatives and friends kan..??? talking bout dat, aidilfitri dis year i xhave a chance 2 visit my friends laa.. Kuala Terengganu city is very jamm.. n dats make me dun want 2 go anywhere accept to my relatives house. act many of my relatives live near my house.. dats y laa i pegi their house.