Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A day walk in London

Here some of the photos taken by us around London city.

Camden town, London

The Natural History Museum, London

Greenwich, London

here is some of my photos in Greenwich, London. have a look then..

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A walk to remember

While waiting for cousin who was sitting for exams...i went to few interesting places near her house with my aunty and my little cousin sarah.....believe or not i was walking the whole way there not driving car...i realised that at here there is no need to drive car since all the places are nearby...plus its not hot like msie...i'll be fainted if i were to walk that far in msie....

my aunt house is at the holland park road....from there we walk to high street kensington....high street kensington is high street that sells high street brands....but for msian i guess it still not affordable if u convert the currency in ringgit...omg!!!hoping for shopping spree but aint happening due to my budget is tight :(

ok back to the story....the 1st place i went was hyde park...a bit about its history just in case u r keen on it :D...hyde park is the largest park in the uk....if u have a look at london map...it is located at the heart of city of london...the existence of the park allowed air to be circulated and filtered by trees which reduced air pollution....thats why air in london are much cleaner compared in msie...

at the park there is also a kensington palace which used to be the house of princess diana....now the house is opened for public view..however small fees is charged if u want to have tour at the palace....beside the palace there is a famous round lake....the lake is usually frozen during winter...ohh how i wish im here during winter..but nevertheless still having a great time here :D

at the lake there are lots of swan...they are really pretty...there r few pics ive taken.....i also fed the swan...while i was feeding the swan i asked aizat(my cousin) to take my pic with the swan...omg!!u know what...instead of taking my pic with the swan....yes he did took my pic but only half of my face in the pic and the swan is given 100% focused...hahahhaha

the next day, we went to the royal albert hall (which located near the hyde park)...it is the place where siti performed her concert few years back...i couldnt remember which year it was...well remind me if u do remember... :)....on the way there we went to squirrel place...there are squirrel all over the places and they are tamed not like in msie.....u can feed them and take pics with them...it was quite fun since i never see tamed squirrel in msie bfore...

well here some pics....have a look and do be jealous :P....hehehhe

Holland Park, London

its been almost 3 weeks i've been here. there's a lot of interesting places i have alr visited. n here some of my fav photos that have been taken...